15 August 2016 - Por Carol Andreo



The official day to start a diet. The day to set up your alarm to wake up early. The day to start a new week complaining about things that haven’t even started.

Are you relating yourself to that situation?

I know how it is, because I used to feel the same way. I was one of those people that used to get depressed on Sundays when checking the clock and realized it was already 6 in the afternoon I started to fade like a dying flower. It was over. What was over? Well, the happy times, the fun, the laugh, the pleasure. After all, Monday was the day to wake up early to work, to get stuck in the traffic, to get stressed out in the public transportation, to face your stupid boss… and re-start all over again the next day… and next and next and next, in a forever glooming cycle.

But the thing is: it doesn’t need to be like this. We have the power to change our thoughts and our paths. We just need to want it. Of course it’s not a simple task as a magic trick but when we truly want something e we really make an effort to it, we can move any obstacles on our way. It doesn’t matter how big, how heavy or how hard it can looks like.



Everybody knows that to reach a goal you need to have faith, be focused and strong. And this is really true! But I would also add one important word to conquer everything: gratefulness. 

When we are grateful for everything we have and stop complaining about the stuff  we don’t have, things start to change when we less expect. Sometimes we are so sad about something that happened that we can’t see anything good about it, but that’s not true. Loosing your job, breaking a relationship… Everything has a good reason and sooner or later you will find that out.

In my case: if I hadn’t lost my job, I would never have moved to California. If I hadn’t broken my relationship, I would never have found the love of my life and moved to the place I’ve always wanted to live (ok, I’m still in the moving process but it will happen!). Do you know that saying: “There are blessings in disguise”? It really a true thing, believe it and trust it.

Being grateful is not only about the “bad” stuff that happens in our life but also the simple things like: having water to drink, having a comfy bed to lay down, having a home, having health to live all the moments and so many other tiny details that most of the time we don’t even think about it when we are mad or sad.


As important as being grateful is NOT BEING AFRAID OF CHANGES. If there’s something in your life that is making you unhappy, just CHANGE it. It doesn’t matter how stupid or impossible it might be (or you think it is), CHANGE it.


I know some changes or dreams take time. But that’s exactly why we need to start NOW. Planning your future starts in the present.

It’s no use complaining about things that are happening now waiting for them to be solved by themselves. We need to move our ass and give the first step to make them happen.

It can be the trip of your dreams, buying a new car, moving to a new country, finding a new job, opening your own business, starting the university, loosing 10kg, having a healthy life, quit smoking… and so many other examples. From the smallest to the biggest ones.

Changing is just like the very beginning of a new relationship. It always makes you feel like having butterflies in your stomach, you feel insecure, you have fears… It’s not easy to leave our comfort – and warm – zone to face a whole new world. But believe me: it’s totally worth it. You will feel like a brand new person. Way happier than before and totally ready for any challenge on your way.

So… are you ready to start Mondays thinking in a different way? ;)


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